Roy Williams

Source language: German [de]

Skills: Translation, proofreading, quality control

Areas of expertise: Automation & Robotics, Computers (general) , Computers: Hardware , Electronics / Elect Eng, Telecom(munications)

Target language: English [en]

Beatrice Bugané

Source language: Spanish [es], Italian [it], Portuguese [pt]

Skills: subtitling, script translation, voice over

Areas of expertise:

Target language: English [en]

Milovan Milosavljević

Source language:

Skills: Translation, subtitling, subtitle hardcoding

Areas of expertise: Feature films, Other

Target language: Croatian [hr]


Source language: English [en]

Skills: Translation, proofreading, script translation

Areas of expertise: Computers (general) , Computers: Software, Construction / Civil Engineering, Dentistry = Medical: Dentistry, Food & Drink, Internet, e-Commerce, Media / Multimedia, Medical: Cardiology, Medical: Dentistry, Medical: Health Care, Medical: Instruments, Printing & Publishing, Software = Computers: Software

Target language: Arabic [ar]


Source language: English [en]

Skills: other

Areas of expertise: Advertising / Public Relations

Target language: